Week 2 Training – and a Visit with My Family

Ahhhh… Just arrived home from a couple of days spent in my hometown, of Grimsby, with my family.  It’s always tough to leave my parent’s place because the kids and I really enjoy hanging around and catching up with everyone.  My mother has a standing Sunday evening dinner and while my kids love to play with their cousins, it gives me a chance to talk with my brother, sister and their spouses.  I do miss being with my family because it represents a time when my life was a bit easier.   Just as the mother of my children and I pledge to support our children anyway possible, my parents did the same and I absolutely recognize that.


This is my mom! My support system, but also my biggest fan!



Although I never need a reason to visit my family, I felt I needed to see my mom and see how she was doing.  In early 2016, my mom gave me the news that she had been diagnosed with bladder cancer, which was found during a routine checkup with her doctor.  Well, it’s back for a third time and although I understand this to be pretty normal, I just needed to see her.  On top of that, I received word that her older brother, my uncle Barrie was admitted to the hospital out west for a pulmonary embolism.  They both seem to be doing fine, but I am starting to see this story being played out too often as of late.  I am pulling for them and will be there to support them always.

Training this week was a little bit different than last, due to the fact that I had my children with me for most of it.  Always great to be with them, but training is never put on hold, which requires me to adjust things a little bit.

Monday evening was pretty normal with a 75 minute low HR ride after a total 5.5 hours over the weekend, riding on the trainer.  Tuesday was supposed to be strength and conditioning but both my son and I were encountering some stomach issues, so we both planned to get to bed early and hope for the best.  I have to admit, I have not adopted a nutrition plan as of yet, but need to research this a bit more and get on board.  I absolutely realize this is crucial to training and my performance, but I have not implemented this yet.

Wednesday and Thursday are my free days from the kids, but Sam had a playoff hockey game Wednesday evening and I was looking forward to seeing how the kid performed, so I drove him out there as usual.  This meant I had to get a ride in during the day, so I planned accordingly and put in a 75 minute trainer ride.  Having adjusted my schedule to accommodate hockey, I was raring to go Thursday evening as I met with Peter.   He understood my situation and is more than willing to work around it.  In stating that, he put me through some step training and we both monitored my performance very carefully.  I felt pretty good and thought I put a strong effort in.

With the kids coming back to me Friday night, this weekend’s training would be on my own and I thought it might be best to take some time and visit my parents.  Before that could happen, Saturday morning was spent at the hockey arena with Sam being on the ice for 4.5 hours of 6.5.  What can I say, the kid loves hockey and playing with his teammates.  Once that was over, it was 2 hours on the trainer at no more than 140 HR before I drove down to my parents.

After watching the Chicago-Toronto game with my family, and that son of mine who chooses to cheer for the Chicago Blackhawks, I put in a morning ride through the local vineyards.  Every time I ride through that area, it makes me think that moving back to Grimsby would be a great thing to do.  As much as I do love home, I would miss living in Toronto.  Was great to put in a 3 hour ride and spend time with my family, but it was time to come back.  With the weekend over, time to shut it down and prepare for the week ahead of us.  The team and I have been preparing and planning for upcoming fundraising events and are looking forward to sharing further information with everyone.  So, stay tuned.  Feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to answer.

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