Training Halted! BCC Beer Night, Intro to RAAM Event and Summer rides/races!

Momentum is key for me when it comes to training, so you can imagine how hard it was to not want to get on the bike after putting in 6 hours on the rollers, followed by a nice ride outdoors.  Sadly, after the weekend, I was unable to carry that into the following week.  On Monday, I seemed to have contracted a stomach bug, which prohibited me from riding from Monday to Wednesday.  Not sure how, but this is what can happen in the day-to-day travels from work, kids and other activities.  On Wednesday I felt decent enough to do a light ride, but was instructed to absolutely not get on the bike.  At that point I knew that I was going to have to ease back into the training, so I would not cause myself any further setbacks.

IMG_0392.PNGOn a happier note, our first wine survivor program has come to closure and I want to thank everyone who participated in this event.  A very successful event and with what I am going to assume are very happy winners.  Congratulations to Simon Kelley, June Jones and Warren Fick for taking home the prize.  I know you will enjoy your new found riches.

This past Thursday, I had the chance to catch up with some fellow BCC folks at our monthly Beer Night.  These are usually scheduled throughout the year, but at this time of year everyone is excited to be back on the road and off the trainer.  It also affords us the opportunity to catch up, prepare for the summer ahead, as well as meet new members.  BCC is exceptionally good at welcoming new members and ensuring everyone is road-ready for the summer ahead.  Welcome to all new BCC members and I hope you enjoy the summer of riding.

Our next event is scheduled for June 22nd, which will be held at Louis Cifer on the Danforth at 8pm.  Tickets will be on sale shortly, so stay tuned for more information.  I encourage you to join us for some drinks and laughs, but also the opportunity to learn more about Race Across America.  We will have a very brief presentation on the route, a bit about the terrain and introduce the support crew.  I might even give you some insight into that one question that keeps popping up regarding RAAM – “why RAAM? Are you crazy?”

As the weather starts to turn in our (cyclists) favour, I find myself paying more attention to some future tests and races.  Although these are not set in stone, I am certainly looking forward to slotting them into the schedule and finding a way to participate.  On June 3rd, I will be doing an overnight training session, with the support of the majority of my team.  June 25th I plan to participate in my second TNT Hairshirt, which come to think of it, this whole RAAM thing started.  On July 8th, I am hoping to be in Saratoga Springs for a 24 hour race.  Of course, another goal I have this year is to tackle the Lap of Lake (LOL) track again.  In 2014, I set out to complete this track without any support and easily completed it in 3 days, but this time I would like to shorten that timeframe by quite a bit.  Approximately 900kms to be completed in less than two days.  Considering I completed the Ohio Challenge (644kms) in 26 hours, 45 minutes, I think it can be easily done.  Of course, it all depends on whether this is done with or without a support crew.

Ok, enough thinking about the future and time to pay attention to the week ahead, but before we do, here are my quick (and I do mean quick) notes on this past weeks training:

Monday, May 8 – no ride, due to illness.

Tuesday, May 9 – no ride, due to illness.  This was the worst day and I had very little energy.

Wednesday, May 10 – no ride, due to illness.  I felt a bit better, but was still pretty tired.  Plus, my coach gave me strict orders not to ride.  Probably for the better as we wanted no further setbacks.  Natalia did her part by ensuring that I didn’t secretly get on the bike.  Thank you for taking care of me while I was under the weather.  Natalia is a big part of my support team.

Thursday, May 11 – back on the bike, even if it was for a Z1 ride.  Easy goes it.

Friday, May 12 – Strength session through climbing simulations.  10 minute warm up, then 4 x 10 heavy gear, standing up every 2 minutes.  A good 1 hour session to bring me back inline.

Saturday, May 13 – kids are with me, so need to be cognizant of that and not spend many hours on the bike.  I put a solid 2 hour indoor trainer ride in.View_from_porch.jpg

Sunday, May 14 – Kids were off with their mother for a Mother’s Day lunch, which allowed me to sneak in a quick ride.  Nothing too long, but felt good to be outdoors even if it poured down rain for a bit.  The rule of thumb is very clear – Raining before you leave, jump on the trainer.  On the road and it begins to rain? Suck it up and keep going.  This rule gets tossed out the window with RAAM – you ride through anything/everything… no questions asked!


Looking forward to the week ahead and some nice weather, so I can go outside and put some more time on the bike.  Maybe I will see some of you on the road.

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