Shoddy Reporting, People on the roads – Chill out! ‘Traincation’ preparations

Sorry Mom! I know, I forgot to post my weekly blog.  It seems that my mom also relies on my blog to catch up on what I have been doing over the course of the week.  My mom and I don’t get to chat all that much, except when the kids and I visit, so she relies my blog to see what her baby boy is up to.  I promise mom – I am behaving myself.  Taking care of the kids, diligently working and training as hard as I can.

Now, I don’t normally get into these types of discussions, but I have seen a few FB posts this week that has… well, confused me.  I don’t get why motorists and cyclists are at odds.  Both cyclists and motorists can be… fucking morons?! Over the course of the last few weeks, I have seen my fair share of incidents, posts and received more than one comment about my riding a bike.  To be honest, I don’t understand half of what is yelled at me on the road and I just assume everyone that is in hurry, needs to pass me (with 1” of clearance) or tell me what they think of me riding a bike, is a doctor on their way to bringing life into this world or save someone from dying.  I mean, that has to be the reason for you to go 100km/hr past me shouting and honking your horn at me, no?

But, then I see the news and postings and I am completely confused, but for many different reasons.  Take for example, Canadian Cycling Magazine, decided to put a further wedge between cyclists and motorists by posting an article, with some commentary that doesn’t really describe what went down.  Call it click bait, if you wish, but some might call that irresponsible journalism?  So, I called them out on it, but I am just little old me, so why do they care.  Well, this is where the world is today, when it comes to media – everything is about the bottom line: more clicks, more subscriptions, more advertising… and I totally understand it.  But, what about reporting the truth? How about representing a sport (and industry) properly that is already at odds with the general community (motor vehicle owners, pedestrians, communities, etc…).  Instead of creating a problem, perhaps be part of resolving the problem.

bike_rider_hit_ottawa.jpgAs you can see in the commentary, “…man on a bicycle get violently hit by a vehicle” is posted by Canadian Cycling Magazine.   However, you click on it and realize that some fucking asshole has decided it’s his right to run a red light and now he is smacked by a car – the driver never had a chance!  Now, here is my issue:

  1. Don’t make this comment and then expect to get away with it. You should be very ashamed with yourself.  Absolutely irresponsible and your social media manager or “curator” should be let go.  Report the facts, that’s your job, not make it up as you see fit (i.e. click bait).
  2. The cyclist is an absolute fucking asshat! Run a red light? Without a helmet?  What the fuck are you thinking!!! People are ready to hand you an award and you fucking dodged it.
  3. Cyclist – how dare you put that on the driver? I can’t imagine hurting someone, let alone kill them with a vehicle.  But, these people didn’t deserve to live with your stupidity.  Stop being oblivious to the people around you and remember other people (a lot of people) exist.

man_beaten.jpgOk… let’s deal with another situation.  I don’t know what was done, said or transpired, but I am pretty sure getting out of your car and beating someone with a bat, is not the solution.  Fuck me! Is there what it has come to?




Earlier this year, I was on Toronto roads heading out upon my usual Scarborough route and I was taking up the right lane because the road was really dicey and unsafe.  As I came up to a red light, I had a vehicle honk their horn at me, cut me off and tell me to stay within 1 foot of the curb.   I am used to riding over rough terrain, but the side was completely unsafe.  He continued to yell at me, as he drove alongside me, I turned right and headed along my merry way.  Well, he followed me along and decided he did not get a chance to say enough of me riding a bike.  He continued to give me all his thoughts and then drove ahead of me a few hundred metres and halted at a stop sign.  At that point, I did not know what this person was going to do, so I decided to slow down a bit, but basically run the stop sign and move forward.  Before I did that, I noticed he had turned on his left turn signal and I was going straight, so making this split quickly should help.  I proceeded forward through the intersection only to realize that he changed his mind and wanted to confront me more.  As I continued along the road, he pulled up beside me and called me every name in the book and decided that deliberately moving his car in my direction should provide the necessary message to me that he was not happy I was on a bike and riding on his roads.  Very few times have I been scared, but nothing more worrisome is dealing with someone who absolutely no regard for human life.

Let me be clear in what I am about to ask of everyone using the roads.  Ahem!  CHILL THE FUCK  OUT!

Cyclists – ride responsibly and predictably, but always know that your safety is first.  However, don’t do stupid shit like run a red light and expect to not get hit.  If I was a cyclist on the road with you, I would hit you just so you wouldn’t do stupid shit like that.

Motor Vehicle Owners – You’re bigger and faster than me and I get that you may not like me or what my fellow cyclists and I do, but please understand this.   I am a father of two and my life is not to be used as an example because you disagree with my choice in riding a bike.  You buzz me, you rev your engine to scare me, you shout at me and let me know that these are your roads to use, not mine.  I am a human being just trying to set an example for my kids that maintaining your health is key.  This is a choice I have made and I hope we can work together to ensure that nothing serious happens between us.

Ok, let’s get back to business – I’M ON VACATION!!!  Well, “traincation” actually.  Kids are off to the cottage for a week with their mother, where I know they will be having a blast.  Me? I will be spending the majority of it in the saddle travelling to numerous places in Ontario.  So, if you happen to see me, give a honk. Actually, give multiple short honks, as that’s a sign that you’re ok with cyclists.  One long honk means get the hell off my road.  Trust me, I know the difference.  Sadly, we have postponed the Lap of Lake attempt until further notice, because structured training is preferred at this time as we lead up to  RAAM 2018.  As much as I want to ride LoL, it does come down to a safety issue and I can’t risk injury leading up to big goal.  Sorry folks, next year (after RAAM).

Just to keep this top of mind for folks, but you will likely see some postings over the next little while for the following events:

  1. You can sign-up for ‘Intro to RAAM’ which is scheduled for September 21. Check out our sites ‘Social’ page or simply click to register. The cost is $20.


  1. Wine Survivor final registration and payment is set to take place between September 26 and October 6th. However, you can pre-register for this event, by signing up at, which will ensure you get informed of all the final registration details.


Here’s a quick note on my riding during the last 2 weeks:

Monday, July 10 – Rest day

Tuesday, July 11 – 30 minute easy ride.  Spin the legs after the Saratoga 24 hour race…

Wednesday, July 12 – Easy cruise outdoors.  69 minute ride for 26.5km’s, keeping avg HR at 121

Thursday, July 13 – outdoor Z2 ride for 56km over 2h9m, keeping avg HR at 216

Friday, July 14 – Easy Friday ride for 54.9km over 2h7m, keeping avg HR at 136

Saturday, July 15 – rest day with family and spending time with my mom.

Sunday, July 16 – time to ramp up the distance again.  131.4km over 4h34m, keeping HR at 136

Monday, July 17 – 90 minute Z2 quick cadence ride

Tuesday, July 18 – 60 minute Z2 quick cadence ride.  Got on the bike late (~9:45pm) so backed it down to 60 minutes.

Wednesday, July 19 – Outdoor ride… with all the rain, you never know when you’re going to get a good day outside, so I chose to ride outside instead of the trainer, like the previous two days.

Thursday, July 20 – rest day.  Had a fun time with my work crew, which was well overdue.  Just in time actually, as I head into my week of vacation / training.

Friday, July 21 – Outdoor pre-‘traincation’ riding.  41km easy ride over 1h39m.  Pete advised me not to wear a heart monitor and just go with the flow.  Nice to just get on a bike for the sake of riding.  That night I was heading out with the kids for dinner as they prepared to head away to the cottage.  This is the first year that I am not giving them a ride up to the cottage.

Saturday, July 22 – A nice day of riding, which started off with a ride with the BCC crew to Stouffville.  96.7km over 3h22m, maintaining an avg speed of 28.6km/hr with avg hr at 139.   So, why not just do another Stoufville ride, but solo… 101.6km over 3h35m, maintaining an avg speed of 28.3km with avg hr at 142 (slightly higher, but having to do all the work, it’s going to happen).

Sunday, July 23 – Always nice to ride with a good friend, and it certainly has been a while, but a ride out to Halton Hills was necessary.  Not much time to chat, but it’s all about getting the distances in.  167.1km over 6h11m, keeping my HR just above Z2 (142bpm).  A thoroughly enjoyed ride.  I was supposed to come back into the city and join another individual for a quick ride, but I was a little late in getting back into town.  I’m sorry!



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