Schools out, Canada Day and preparations for the Saratoga Springs 24 hour race (July 8)

Apologies for the delay in posting my weekly blog, but with school finishing and the Canada Day long weekend, I had an opportunity to fit in a long ride.  If this weekend is any indication of how my travel schedule is going to be for the next little while, I will be spending most of my time on the bike or in the car.  Thankfully, my kids had a chance to hang with their grandparents and cousins this past weekend, because I am not sure the next time we will be down in the Niagara area.

IMG_0474.JPGThe week started out pretty normal with a rest day on Monday, but the week was speeding up with the impending “kids out of school” festivities.  From what I understood, not much learning was going on during the last week, so the kids were just itching for the final bell to go off.  Well, perhaps there was a good reason for a big celebration this past week.  Congrats to my son for FullSizeRender.jpgworking hard in school and obtaining some good marks.  Well done my little monster and keep up the good work.  While my son is entering his last year at his school, my daughter just graduated from Grade 8 and is heading off to high school.  It’s shocking to see and think that my daughter is going into high school because I remember her as this wee person just trying to stand up, then walk, enter into her first day at daycare and how her mother and I were losing our minds when leaving her with someone else.  Then JK/SK, grade 1, French immersion, off to summer camp, finishing grade school, starting middle school… I’m having a hard time catching my breath here.  I am extremely proud of her and not just because she’s my daughter, but because she’s kind, understanding, an activist, witty, grouchy, scary, unapproachable in the AM, lazy, sleepy, but most of all she is a perfectly decent teenager who likes to sleep and enjoy her personal time.  My plan for the next 5 years is to settle in, take hugs when I can get them, walk on egg shells, but most of all support her when she needs it.  Congrats to my beansie!

With the Hairshirt over, it was time to set my sites on my upcoming 24 hour race at Saratoga Springs, NY.  But, not before the long weekend, which included Steve Jones and I representing the team at the Canada Day festivities at Stan Wadlow Park.  The weather might have scared away a lot of folks, but there was still a fair number of people in attendance.  Steve and I were able to meet a few people and spend some time chatting about our upcoming RAAM campaign, along with learning about others experiences with cycling.  It was great to meet some new people and I wanted to thank Steve for working the booth me, Bruce Day for helping prep for the event and all those that came out to visit us.  We really do appreciate the support and look forward to hearing from you in the future.

With the Canada Day festivities behind us, the team and I working on the follow upcoming events:


  1. I (Jason) will be heading to Saratoga Springs on the weekend of July 8th, to participate in the 24 hour race. The goal is to clock as many KM’s in a 24 hour period.


  1. A new date (September 21) has been announced for our previously cancelled ‘Intro to RAAM’ event. You may sign-up by visiting and paying the admission fee, via EFT.  A brief presentation will be given, outlining the team and further details regarding RAAM, but mostly an opportunity for people from various communities and groups to meet and chat.   There will also be a silent auction, which is comprised of offerings from our local businesses.

3. I (Jason) am is in the midst of planning another upcoming ‘Lap of Lake’. A couple of          years ago, I went around Lake Ontario, on my own, with just a back-pack. I                          completed the trek within three days, but my plan this time is to try and compete                this in less than 2 day.  However, for that to happen, I will need a support crew and            that is still under discussion.

Although the rains hit hard Saturday afternoon, the rest of the long weekend turned out to be absolutely beautiful.  It worked out well as the kids and I spent the remainder of the weekend hanging with family in Grimsby and I cycled through the vineyards.  Monday’s ride was especially nice as I had the chance to hang out in Niagara on the Lake for a bit, grab some lunch and take my time riding back into Grimsby.  I always enjoy my time in Niagara, but this was a pretty good weekend.

Here’s a quick note on my riding during last week:

Monday, June 26 – rest day

Tuesday, June 27 – spent an hour on the trainer at home.  Hour and 5 mins with 2x15m Z3 intervals.

Wednesday, June 28 – on the bike at 10:30pm, after my daughter’s graduation.  I don’t usually like to get on the bike that late at night, but it had to be done.  Besides, what’s a 10:30 ride, compared to 9-10 day ride with very little sleep.

Thursday, June 29 – Back at mindset CYCLING with Pete and some Z5/Z3 intervals, followed by some rollers.

Friday, June 30 – Was able to take the afternoon off work and sneak in a ride.  A Z2 ride for 110km’s. Avg HR was 140, with an Avg speed of 27.7km.

Saturday, July 1 – No riding due to representing the team at the Canada Day festivities at Stan Wadlow park.

Sunday, July 2 – 195KM ride in Niagara.  Goal was to keep the HR as loSundayride.jpgw as possible and within Z2.  Did a pretty good job, even though the headwinds picked up a bit on the way back.   Avg HR was 137 with an avg speed of 27.9.





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