RAAM 2017 about to Start! ‘Intro to RAAM’ [Will Reschedule], Low-Key Week!

RAAM2017.jpgI have to admit, with all the postings on Facebook regarding the kick-off of RAAM 2017, I am a wee bit jealous.  It’s bitter sweet, as I really wish I could be on the start line for 2017, but I know I need this year to train.  Not to mention, I need to finalize my support team and secure the necessary funds!  Yep, one year away folks and the time is going to go by very quickly.

Before I get into the details of my previous week, I want to apologize to those that were planning to attend the upcoming ‘Intro to RAAM’ night at Louis Cifer on June 22nd, 2017.  Unfortunately, we had to cancel the event for that night due to an issue.  In stating that, the team is discussing a new date and will be sure to share that with everyone.   When we post the new date, if you’re interested in joining us, please sign-up using the online (and EFT$) to secure your spot.  I should note, this is not just for cyclists, as this provides an opportunity for everyone to have some drinks and chat with anyone/everyone. There will be a small presentation, but you can expect this to be light and humorous.  We are also hoping to make some announcements about some upcoming events / activities and we hope that you will all join us.

With regard to events, I should mention that I am planning to have a booth at Stan Wadlow Park on Canada Day (July 1).  Come on by and visit us under the tent to learn more about RAAM and my support crew.

Well, compared to last weekend, this past week was pretty quiet.  After completing a 300+KM ride, starting at 4pm Saturday and closing off around 5am Sunday, Peter decided to let me rest up.  I was glad to lay low for a bit because the previous week’s schedule was a bit jammed, but I was still excited about my meeting with the folks at Pancreatic Cancer Canada and our partnership.

As per my normal schedule on Monday and Tuesday, the kids were with me, but the weather did not cooperate.  I can certainly feel the end of the school year coming, as the tension seems to be lifting for Sam and Sophie, as they prepare for 2 months of fun.  Wednesday, from a scheduling perspective, is my toughest day – it starts with dropping the kids off, but this week I had to head out of town for an offsite meeting.   Once that was completed, I was back in East York for my weekly intensity training session with Peter at mindset CYCLING, but this week we had a hard stop due to my son’s 2017-2018 Hockey Team’s parent meeting.  Yep, hockey talk in the month of June.  All good as my son’s team is really well ran and the coaching staff are a great group of people committed to ensuring the kids have fun.  I could not ask for a better coaching/management staff.  With the meeting over, time to head home for a well deserved rest.

Thursday was a pretty easy day, but had a chance to get outside for a quick ride.  The weather seemed to turn in our favour, so it was nice to be on the roads instead of on the trainer.  Friday, I was also able to sneak in a quick ride before the kids came back to me for the weekend.

Last week, I put forth a list of issues I had encountered during my ride and I want to thank those that sent a message with some recommendations.  Greatly appreciated and I will be sure to investigate your recommendations further.

Some quick note on my riding during last week:

Monday, June 5 – After a long weekend of riding.  30 minutes Z1 ride

Tuesday, June 6 – Nothing different from Monday ride.  30 minutes Z1 ride.

Wednesday, June 7 – Back at mindset for intensity training.  Same program as the week before, but after the long ride on the previous weekend, the first 2 sets were damaging.  I managed to regroup and put in a solid effort to complete the three sets in fine form.  These sessions are character builders after a long weekend ride.

Thursday, June 8 – A nice 41.3 KM ride to the Rouge and back at a Z2 pace.

Friday, June 9 – A quick 55km ride out to the rouge and back.  A nice weather Friday ride?  No HR monitor on me.

Saturday, June 10 – Kids were with me, but I managed to put in a 2.5 hour ride on the trainer.  Keep the HR around 140.

Sunday, June 11 – I could not resist the nice weather and with Sam over at a friend of his, I took advantage and did a shortened Stouffville ride.  Unfortunately, I was unable to join the BCC folks, who left earlier in the morning.

The team and I are excited about the warm weather and I will be on the road more with some much longer KM’s being put in.  I am preparing to potentially take once again participate in the Hairshirt TNT and I am very much looking forward to the Saratoga Springs 24 hour race in July.

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