Plans can go sideways! Plan for that!

Every week, I start out with good intentions, but sometimes a plan goes sideways.  With the kids off school last Monday, I thought it would be best to stay in Grimsby and come back midday.   Rather than fight the traffic during the morning and/or evening, just ease back into Toronto and get the kids settled before heading back to school.  The upcoming week was going to be a little hectic for myself.  Prior to the Easter weekend, I got wind that I was being considered for a new client project, but I was also planning for a weekend of work to implement two technical changes.  Being in technology has its advantages, but anytime a system change is to be made, you are almost guaranteed to be working on the weekend.  I am also not way to lay low and take things easy, which sometimes means I take on larger, challenging projects.  It’s part of being a freelance Program/Project Manager.

While I sometimes don’t have any choice regarding work projects, I always strive to balance my training and time with those that are special in my life.  At times I feel incredibly guilty and selfish for the choices I make.  It’s not always easy, but those that are close to me, understand what RAAM and cycling mean to me.  Hence, schedules are tight, but it all works out in the end.  For those that compromise, thank you and I appreciate the support as I build up to RAAM 2018.   I guess at some point, I should probably share with everyone the reasons why I chose to compete in RAAM.  Perhaps, I will leave that for a special edition blog.

April 17th, 2017 also marked the last day to enter the Wine Survivor program.  Thank you to all those that entered and I wish you could all take home the top prize.  Sadly, only three of you will get a chance to take home the loot.  A number of people have told me what a great idea this contest was, but this was not my brainchild.  For that, I wish to thank my team (Jon Spira, Steve Jones, Bruce Day, Howard Calvert and James Eaton), for developing and executing this event.

With the long weekend over, time to get back to real life of work, family and training:

Tuesday – April 18:  After a rest day, the usual is to keep it easy and prepare for the upcoming training week.  I headed to the Beaches to do some very simple, easy hill climbing.  Keeping the HR at 135 or less is very hard to do on hills, but something I really need to get used to.

Wednesday – April 19:  I showed up at Mindset ready to go.  Peter had my program ready to go and with small adjustment from the week before.  Instead of two x 5 interval sessions, he added another interval session with a reduction in recovery time.  Ok! Get on the bike and do it!  I don’t question Peter, I just do what he tells me because we have built up this trust factor.  He’s done the event and put in the work – who am I to question that.  Not to mention, I get the feeling this is what it will be like during RAAM.  My job is to be on that bike and turn the cranks.  I will need to listen to my crew and execute what they say.

Thursday – April 20:  My plan was to use this as the rest day and do a simple ride Friday.

Friday – April 21: As much as I wanted to be on the bike, I also wanted to get my work done and spend some time with Natalia.  She’s been away for a week on holidays and I miss her very much.  I was looking forward to spending time with her Friday and I made the choice to leave the bike in the kitchen.  She deserves more, but as I said above, she understands – thank you!

Saturday – April 21: Wake up at 7am, get ready for a good long ride.  Although the first ride of the year took place the weekend prior, this would be my first BCC Social ride.  My plan was to ride, catch up with old friends and meet some new ones.  One thing I love about BCC is the social aspect – existing and new members come together to start the new cycling season.  If you are ever thinking of taking up cycling, drop by the Grinder on Main early late Saturday morning.   Couldn’t meet a happier crew.  Ok! My training plan called for a long ride, but not necessarily to go at the pace set by the BCC crew.  Hence, I went at Group 4 pace and enjoyed chatting with the folks. In stating that, I knew there would be some hard efforts, but it would be limited to the 55km endeavor.  A quick food/coffee intake and I would be on the road again.  In the end, 180kms over 7 hours, with a lot of gas left in the tank.  Also, I needed to be home by 5pm, as I had made plans.  Don’t tell Pete!

Sunday – April 22:  After working late Saturday night to implement a technical change, I had to get up early to cover for a colleague Sunday morning.  The change was supposed to last from 8am-2pm, but I always know there to account for issues.  My plans were to be on the bike no later than 2pm, but that plan was quickly scrapped due to system issues.  I am always impressed with my colleague’s professionalism and sometimes it doesn’t go your way.  I was able to squeeze in an easy 1hr:30min spin to keep the legs happy.

Well, that’s another week of training and shenanigans under the belt.   Hopefully, I will see most of you on the road…on a bike…Have a great week folks!

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