Kids, Crew, Training and Wine Survivor – Things are progressing nicely!

After being away last weekend, it was time to get back to normal life.  Well, as normal as it can get, I guess.  At this point though, normal can revolve heavily around training and after having two days in Montreal, I felt a little guilty for not riding over the weekend. However, you can’t train every day and the body and mind need a little rest.  So, after a great weekend, time to get back on the bike.  This week was heavily planned due to many commitments, but a few things in particular stood out.

While our Wine Survivor program was soon coming to a finish, lots of people were very excited and looking forward to the nightly emails.  Monday, May 8th was the final draw and three lucky winners will be dividing up the prize.  It proved to be a huge success and I hope everyone who participated, enjoyed the game.  I want to thank everyone who participated and making this a great experience and help raise some funds for our RAAM 2018 campaign.

With a team meeting scheduled for Wednesday evening, my schedule was going to be tight.  After the meeting, the team came away with some next level decisions and was invigorated to get started on the next event.  Keep your calendars clear as we are planning an “Intro to RAAM” night.  A chance to join us on Thursday, June 22nd at Louis Cifer – meet the team, learn a bit more about RAAM and socialize with great group of friends and family.   Stay tuned for more information on that event and some future activities that are also in the works, such as a cycling movie night and a Niagara Ride & Taste event.

Sophie_the_awesome.jpgLast week finished off with some great news.  I have to congratulate my daughter and tell her that I am very proud of her.  Grade 8 is coming to a close and she has worked so hard in school.  You’re growing up and I see you doing great things.  Keep up the solid work Beansie!   While Sam continues to work hard in school, he was also heading to the final tryout session for the Select Red team.  After a fantastic first season on the Gold team, he set a goal to make the next level Select Red.  On Sunday afternoon, Sam got the news that he had been selected to join the team and accepted the opportunity.  This kid couldn’t skate two years ago, made the Select Gold in his first year of House League and theSam_hockey.jpgn makes Select Red this year.  That kid is very determined and I look forward to another year of chauffeuring him around to the GTA hockey rinks.  Yes, it can be difficult to keep up, but I love watching that kid skate, play hard and enjoy goofing around with his hockey buds.

And yes, I just happened to slip in some training this past week as well.  While I don’t usually fuss over getting on the indoor trainer for my rides, I guess I was hoping May would bring some nicer weather.  Sunday finally produced some decent weather that allowed me to get mindset_CYCLING.jpgout on the roads. Now, it’s important to note that on Saturday, I did put in a 6 hour ride on the rollers.  Let’s just say that I have to thank the folks at mindset CYCLING for keeping me focused and entertained.  Big thanks to Linda who also had a long ride on the rollers, so it was nice to have some company and chat through the final stretch.  I really do cherish the moments and people I have met through cycling.  Each year the circle grows and I am very thankful for all the support I have received to date.  Thank you everyone!

Training? What training?

Monday, May 1 – Fresh off my fun weekend with Natalia in Montreal, I was back on the bike at home after putting the kids down to bed.  Most of my Monday / Tuesday rides are after 8:30pm, but they have to be done.  Thankfully, a 60 minute easy Zone 1 Spin was on the plan.  Peter had not provided me with my plan until later that day, but I had already figured he was going to call for an easy spin.

Tuesday, May 2 – an hour and 45 minute Zone 2 ride with focus on keeping my HR =< 135.  Harder than it sounds folks.  It’s really hard to go slow.

Wednesday, May 3 – Back at mindset CYCLING for some intensity/interval trainings, which consisted of 3 x 8 intervals of 20s at 400w.  Very attainable, but Peter managed to slip in an extra interval on each group without me noticing.  This is usually because I just do the training without question.  It wouldn’t matter if he put 10 or 15 intervals in each, I will always push to complete whatever program he puts before me.  I guess I believe in Peter, his experience and knowledge and meeting the goals.

Thursday, May 4 – Rest day.  I was always a little shy of taking days off the bikes, but I’ve noticed that not only do I enjoy them a bit more, I am feeling much better on the bike the next day.

Friday, May 5 – We don’t typically put in a session on Friday, but Peter called me in for some FTP Intervals.  The goal was to complete 5 intervals of 4 minutes at FTP, with a small rest in between each interval.  Although Peter gave me a pass on the 5th and let me finish up with a 10 minute interval at 80% FTP, I knew that the 5th interval would get done.  I made sure Peter knew that I would have finished that last interval… he knew it as well.  Call it competitive, call it ego… I guess I just wanted to finish the job!

Saturday, May 6 – The weather has not been kind to us cyclists and I am not in a position to pull the chute on a training day, so off I went to mindset CYCLING to put in a 6 hour ride on the rollers.  Now, a lot of people would dread this and frankly, riding in one spot for 6 hours and making zero forward progress, is not something I like doing.  It had to get done and that’s it.  Thankfully, I have some great people at mindset CYCLING keeping me focused and will always help to pass the time.  I get the impression that during RAAM, I will have a few days where I am not paying attention to anything around me and just focusing on turning the pedals.

Sunday, May 7 – Finally, some decent weather to work with.  Peter told me to be prepared to come into the gym and put in another 4 hours.  I would have done it, but glad the weather held up for us on Sunday.  I put in a nice 4 hour ride, 100km with my HR averaging out at 137 (Zone 2).  Extremely difficult to keep my enthusiasm under wraps and not let loose on the roads, especially with a tailwind.  But, it’s part of the bigger plan.

Another week in the books.  13 months to go until RAAM 2018.  Lots of fun activities and training to be done.  The crew and I have planned a June 3rd overnight ride to help bring the team together and simulate night riding.  I have done it many times, but not with a crew following me.  Still hoping to ride the Hairshirt TNT this year, after not having the chance to compete last year due to bike issues.  We are also planning to head off in July to the Saratoga, NY 24 hour race, as a solo participant.  As you can see, lots of planning, training and work still ahead of us, but the team is excited to move this venture along.


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