I see myself in my kids – determination!

All good things must come to an end.  While my passion these days is cycling, I spent the better part of my life in hockey arenas.  2 years ago my son could barely skate, as he entered hockey school, but the boy certainly has determination.  After one year of hockey school, he decided he wanted to try out for the Select team, even though he never played a single organized game.   Who am I to burst his bubble or stop him from going after something he wanted to do.  So, we signed him up for house league and then let him have his shot at Select.  As I said, the boy is very determined and he made the Select Gold team without playing a single organized game of hockey.  Yes, hockey can take a lot of your time up, but I remember the lasting friendships I gained from playing this wonderful game.  The Leaside Flames Gold players and parents are great people and as much as Sam made new friends, I did too.  My children are extremely important to me and when I am on the bike, I have a support crew who takes care of me  – at home, my daughter (Sophie) and son (Sam) are my support team.  Now, without further delay, please enjoy this exclusive and rare interview with my son, Sam.  He finished a 65 game season, had a blast of a time playing and made a lot of new solid friends.


Now, just maybe a few of you want to know about my week of training.  Hard to beat an interview with a little guy like Sam.  After a weekend back in Grimsby and a nice ride on Sunday, my coach gave me a rare rest day on Monday.

Tuesday consisted of the usual hour-30 on the trainer at 95 cadence / 135 heart rate.  This has become the standard ride and to be honest will be the basis of our training for the next 14 months leading up to the event.  Our goal is to ride a consistent cadence, with the lowest possible heart rate and the maximum output.  This will be the basis our training.

Wednesday, I was back at mindset CYCLING working with Peter, hour-35 with of course 95 cadence / 135 heart rate.  Are you starting see the theme hear folks?  Have to admit, it gets a little boring, but that’s likely to happen in RAAM as well.

Thursday consisted of pretty much the same as Wednesday.  Getting to the point again, that during RAAM, it’s going to require patience and consistency to finish 5000km’s in less than 12 days.  My goal is to not finish this in 12 days, but let’s talk about that at a later date.

Thank goodness Friday came along.   A little variety with my training with some simple cadence work with the knowledge that Saturday was a rest day.  That worked out well, considering my day was spent with Sam at his house league playoff game.  His team won and is in the finals next weekend.  Unfortunately, the kids and I will be enjoying sunny, warmer climates next week.  We are all looking forward to seeing their grandmother and grandfather as it has been a while.

With Saturday being a rest day, it gave me the chance to ensure Sam and Sophie were able to attend their activities.  I love having my kids in the car, as it gives me a chance to talk to them without having any interruptions – a captive audience.   With Sam at hockey, I was glad to take Sophie to a camp friend’s house and chat about her upcoming graduation.  That is a whole other subject!

Sunday, the end of the week, but all this means is a long ride.   Well, not as long as it will get during RAAM, but 3.5 hours on a trainer can feel like 7 hours on the actual bike.  I highly recommend anyone, who has not tried rollers, to try rollers.  Especially, those new to racing , that wish to race bikes and participate in a peloton.  I showed up at mindset CYCLING to a full house, but only to finish the last 1.5 hours alone, but did make some new friends.

With a fun weekend behind us, I am beginning to prepare for our upcoming trip to Florida with the kids.  Trying to keep the packing simple and sweet.  On that note,  please take care and stay tuned for my blog update next week.  Have a great week folks!

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