Feeling better! Intro to RAAM tickets available. Work ramps up, but I’m ready for long ride!

Nice to be back and feeling normal after the previous week’s illness and the weather certainly shaped up just in time for the long weekend.  With Saturday expecting to be fairly nice, it was safe to plan my long ride for that day.  Prior to the weekend getting started thought, the team and I had some housekeeping to take care of on the website, as we prepare for some upcoming events.  You should check our website www.shukercycles.com to learn more about the following:

  • \rides:
    • The team has scheduled a test ride for June 3rd. We will be starting the ride in the evening and plan to spend about 12 hours on the road.  This is an opportunity for the team to get better acquainted with the trials and tribulations of night time support.
    • TNT Hairshirt (June 25th) is potential target race of mine, but will likely have me going completely solo, rather than finding a group to ride with.
    • Saratoga Springs 24 hour race on July 8th weekend is another big race as we gear up for the summer long rides.LOL_map.jpg
    • Planning for Lap of Lake will start soon as I intend to try to complete this 900km/2 day ride in the August timeframe.


  • \Social:
    • June 22nd is our ‘Intro to RAAM’ event. A chance to learn more about RAAM, Louis_Cifer.jpgmeet the team and understand how I came to select RAAM as my target race.  Tickets are $20 and we are planning to have an auction.  Go to our site to learn more on how you can obtain tickets.  https://shukercycles.com/social/



Now that I was back to feeling better, it was time to prepare for a solid week of riding and hopefully most of it would be outdoors. But, before the weekend hit, I had to close off a few work items as we were expecting some senior leadership to show the following week.  As of late, work has ratcheted up a bit as we prepare to launch another program.  It will require some additional effort upfront to get things in order, but once everyone is in play, it should progress along smoothly.  One things is for certain, my training will continue as planned, but it may require some small adjustments.   I am used to doing some late night rides, when the kids are asleep, but this may require some late hours to close off some work items.

With the team preparing for the Intro to RAAM event, I took to the Danforth in order to see if local businesses would be interested in participating.   Always nice to walk along the Danforth and wouldn’t you know it, I just happened to run into a good friend and fellow cyclist.   Mouckie, it was good to see you and glad to hear everything is going well.  Let’s get out for that ride soon.

With lots of rides/races coming up, it was great to put some solid time on the bike.   Here is a look back on my week of riding:

Monday, May 15 – 90 minute Zone 2 ride on the trainer.  Kids were with me, so it was a fairly late start.

Tuesday, May 16 – Strength training with 70 minutes of Climbing Simulations.  10 minute intervals, alternating between standing/sitting every 2 minutes.

Wednesday, May 17 – At mindset CYCLING with Peter for some tempo intervals.  3×10 at 85%.  Followed up with 20 minutes on the rollers.  Peter informed me that next Wednesday’s session would be a 20 TT (Testing)

Thursday, May 18 – Nice to get the chance to head outside for a ride.  A 2:22:00 ride at Zone 2 (<140HR).

Friday, May 19 – Rest day as I prepared for a long weekend ride.

Strava_long_ride.jpgSaturday, May 20 – What started out as a fairly cool day, turned out to be not bad at all.  I might have been a bit overdressed, but without knowing what time I would actually get back into the city, better to be on the warmer side than not.  For my long rides, I like to just head out and let the roads take me wherever.  Tailwinds, headwinds and crosswinds… considering the fact that I am doing RAAM, you never plan, you just ride and accept the terrain and conditions.    A great day with 235.5km’s in the books over 9:19:00.

Sunday, May 21 – forecast called for rain, so I had every intention of doing my ride indoors.  Zone 2 – 3 hour ride spent with my good friend, Netflix.

That’s another week in the books folks.  With the weather getting better, plan will be to ramp up the mileage and be on the road as much as possible.

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