Jason and his team need your support of financial and in-kind donations to Race Across America.

Support vehicles, airfare, equipment and supplies: it costs upwards of $45,000 for a solo racer and crew. Renting and equipping the two support vehicles is the biggest expense. Two teams of three will work in shifts around the clock to look after everything Jason needs. The crew will convert both rented mini-vans into fully-equipped rolling bike repair shops to keep Jason’s bikes in perfect working order at all times.  One team will be with Jason at all times, responsible for navigation, supplying food on the go, and keeping him safe from other vehicles. The other will be somewhere up the route taking care of chores such as buying food (Jason will require nearly 10,000 calories each day), doing laundry, or finding a bike shop to buy a replacement part we can’t fix on the go.

Airfare for Jason and the support crew of six, as well as shipping bikes and equipment, represents the next biggest expense in the RAAM budget. The team will fly from Toronto to Los Angeles, CA for the start of the race in Oceanside, and then home from Annapolis, MD two weeks later.

Your support is essential to making this happen!

  • A monetary donation will help with costs such as registration fees, vehicle rentals, insurance, and gas.
  • Donations in-kind such as arranging vehicles, accommodations, bike parts and maintenance products, and safety and other equipment would also be welcome.
Read our sponsorship brochure for how you can partner with us.
Please consider making a contribution now using PayPal, or contact us at bike@shukercycles.com.
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