Jason will have a six-person support crew split into two teams who will work around the clock the keep him safe, fed, and on-course.

Bruce has been riding, racing and wrenching on bikes for over 30 years. Whether it was mountain bikes in the 1990s or cyclocross with the Beaches Cycling Club (BCC) during the last few seasons, Bruce is a keen competitor.  He’s no stranger to ultra-endurance events.  In 2001 and 2005 he was a Crew Chief for Southern Traverse, an elite multi-discipline adventure race across New Zealand.  He was also part of Jason’s support crew for the Ohio RAAM Challenge in 2016.
An avid life-long cyclist, on the road and off, Howard has been a member of the Beaches Cycling Club since 2012. Recently retired from a long career in business development and strategy, he's enjoying having the time to fulfil his passion for cycling. Among Howard's key responsibilities is identifying and tracking the equipment Jason and the team will need for the race.
Long-time member of the Beaches Cycling Club (BCC), Jon will always say any day on the bike is a great day.  His favourite place to ride is anywhere that involves a long, steady climb with spectacular views followed by a long, winding no-brakes descent. He’ll keep Jason on the right route and forecast his progress along the way.
Cycling on and off road, rock climbing, trail running, general outdoor adventuring: Megan does it all.  She's also a Registered Physiotherapist. Megan completed her first of four Ironman triathlons at 22, and has completed dozens of triathlons of all distances in the years since. She also cycled the Cabot Trail solo with no support other than what she carried on her bike. Megan will have a major role to play in keeping Jason moving.
In addition to being Jason’s coach, Peter is Owner/Operator of mindset CYCLING. He is a two-time RAAM finisher (2007 and 2013) who brings a wealth of ultra-endurance experience.  He lives and breathes cycling.  As a coach, he works with cyclists of all levels to help them achieve their own success. His boundless passion for cycling has allowed him to focus on training and racing for over 25 years.
Steve has been a fixture with the Beaches Cycling Club (BCC) for nearly a decade, where he is usually at the front of the peloton calmly making everybody chase him down.  Data warehouse architect by day, Steve is a strong and accomplished cyclist in his own right.  As a member of Jason’s support crew for the Ohio RAAM Challenge in 2016, Steve knows first-hand what it takes to tackle an event like RAAM.