Plans can go sideways! Plan for that!

Every week, I start out with good intentions, but sometimes a plan goes sideways.  With the kids off school last Monday, I thought it would be best to stay in Grimsby and come back midday.   Rather than fight the traffic during the morning and/or evening, just ease back into Toronto and get the kids settled[…]

Niagara Rides – You’re welcome to join me!

Finally, some decent weather to work with over a long weekend that aligned nicely with my training plan.  Well, I could have done without the Saturday morning rain, but it is April and as my daughter reminded me – April showers, bring May flowers.   The week started out pretty hectic with lots of plans being[…]

I see myself in my kids – determination!

All good things must come to an end.  While my passion these days is cycling, I spent the better part of my life in hockey arenas.  2 years ago my son could barely skate, as he entered hockey school, but the boy certainly has determination.  After one year of hockey school, he decided he wanted[…]

Week 1 Training – Go Robotic

With the weekend in the books, I have finally found some time to mellow and relax after a pretty busy week.  Week one of training with Peter Oyler at Mindset Cycling was straightforward, as Peter is pretty easy to get along with, but make no mistake he’s all business.  After the previous weeks initial testing,[…]