A night in Montreal, but back in town. Wake up call: Seriously, only 13 months to go?

After coming home from a nice weekend in Montreal, this morning I woke up to the realization that my team and I have 13 months to prepare for RAAM 2018.  That might sound like a decent amount of time to get things in order, but June 2018 is going to come very quickly.   Our fundraising kicked off in April with Wine Survivor and we are busily working to put together an “Introduction to RAAM” evening, potentially a movie night, along with ride in beautiful Niagara wine country.  While those events are being discussed, the team is also corresponding with different groups regarding sponsorship opportunities.  To top it all off, the crew and I are preparing for an upcoming training ride, to get the team in sync.  Keep in mind, we all have our day jobs and 13 months is likely to fly by, so I am hoping we can get everything in place early enough for the team to settle in and stay focused on June 2018.

Even though I was born and raised in Grimsby and consider myself a Torontonian at heart, I always have a special spot for Montreal.  My visit this time was different than the last, as our one evening in the city was taking in a concert and enjoying the night life.  A thoroughly enjoyable jaunt to Montreal spent with a special person.   As I walked through old Montreal Sunday morning, I old_montreal_2.jpg reminisced about the time my daughter (Sophie) and I spent in Montreal.  She was around 8 and has little memories of that trip, but I remember it like it was yesterday.  Apparently, the only part my daughter remembers is the 5 hour trip in the car and listening to nothing but Carly Ray Jepsen.   I do remember that, but I am trying to put that out of my mind.

Now that I am back in town, it’s time to get back to training and Peter was ready to issue my training plan for the week.  Come to think of it, he only gave me the plan until Wednesday evening, which usually means he might be planning something a bit more sinister for the remainder of the week.  Whatever it is, I never question – I just do it.   Last week’s training was slight condensed, due to my weekend adventure, but a good one nonetheless:

Monday, April 24:  A quick easy spin for 45mins just to keep the legs loose.  HR no higher than 135 and with a quick pace cadence.

Tuesday, April 25:  A 90 minute ride with HR at or below 135.  Keep the cadence high and the legs moving in anticipation for some interval work and rollers at mindset CYCLING for Wednesday.

Wednesday, April 26:  A chance to catch up with Peter before I head off to Montreal for the weekend.  By now, Peter and I have started to fall into sync, but I still get the impression he’s trying to learn more about my limits.  Compared to the week prior, we added another interval group and an increase to seven intervals per grouping.   While it’s certainly achievable, I think we are both on a path to figuring out how far I can go before failure.  It’s going to be a fun journey!

Thursday, April 27:  A Z1 spin outside, but keeping it very simple.  No hills, just keep the HR low.

Friday, April 28:  Before the weekend away, let’s spice it up a bit.  Peter decided to throw in some climbing simulations and have me do 4 x 10 intervals in a heavy gear.  We mixed in some standing intervals every two minutes to ensure I was out of the saddle and maintaining a nice easy rhythm.  I am not afraid to climb.  In fact, I am more than willing to climb in comparison to descending.  I have my fill of descending and that was not even in the mountains.  In any case, both will need some work and my summer is likely to be filled with these types of simulations.

With a wonderful weekend in Montreal behind me, time to get back to the kids, work, RAAM 2018 preparations and of course, training.  I am hoping some nicer weather is in the forecast because it’s that time of year when the trainer is not very appealing.  Have a great week folks.

If you want to know more information about RAAM, my team or me for that matter, drop me a line at bike@shukercycles.com.  Be happy to chat!

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