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Race Across America - June 12, 2018

The toughest bike race in the world begins in…


Race Across America

The world’s toughest bike race.

4,942 km

RAAM is 30% longer than the Tour de France.

Maximum 12 days

Solo racers must complete Race Across America in fewer than 12 days. That’s half as many days as the Tour de France.

500 km per day

To finish inside the time limit, racers must ride close to 500 km/day. This means pedalling for 20 hours, and getting only three or four hours of sleep, every day.

Donations and Sponsorship

Jason and his crew need your support!

For Jason to reach his goal, both monetary and in-kind donations are essential. A monetary donation will help with costs such as registration fees, vehicle rentals, insurance, and gas, and would be a wonderful contribution. Donations in-kind that help with arranging vehicles, accommodations, bike parts and maintenance products, and safety and other equipment would be greatly appreciated. Please read our brochure for more information. We would love to discuss opportunities with you and customize a sponsorship package. For any monetary and in-kind contributions or to learn more about sponsorship opportunities with us, please contact us at bike@shukercycles.com.


Jason is racing across America to support Pancreatic Cancer Canada

Pancreatic Cancer


It's six inches long, starts with a "p" and ends with an "s"
  • 7% survival rate

    93% of patients die within five years

  • Stagnant survival rate

    Survival rate hasn't improved in 40 years

  • Typically affects people over 50

    Also affects younger people

  • Fourth leading cause of cancer death in Canada

    Soon to be the second leading cause of cancer death in Canada

The Team

Across 4,942 km, Jason's will have a six-person crew to look after everything he needs from the starting line in California to the big finish in Maryland
30 years of experience riding, racing, and wrenching.

Read more about Bruce.
Calm and cool under pressure.

Read more about Howard.
Navigation and scheduling
Maps, spreadsheets, details.

Read more about Jon.
Physiotherapist, Ironman racer and outdoor adventurer

Read more about Megan.
Owner of mindset CYCLING
Two-time RAAM finisher
Coach, ultra-endurance veteran, and two-time RAAM finisher

Read more about Pete.
Quiet on the outside, unyielding competitor on the inside.

Read more about Steve.

"If you're going to face a real challenge it has to be a real challenge.

You can't accomplish anything without the possibility of failure."

Gary Cantrell - The Barkley Marathons


Albums of Jason's time on the road
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